Crow Crew and Freebies

This section is deivided into two parts. The first is a series of content that may be used to enhance your game (most genres). The second section is an informational stock yard for members of the Crow Crew: Demo and Crow Crew: Test Pilot teams. Want to join, just scroll down and find out how.

Crow Crew

The Crow Crew is the official name given to Scaldcrow Games' fans and supporters who take an active hand in the well being of this company. Whther it is by running our games and panels at conventions (Crow Crew: Demo); playing our games as part of an alpha or beta group (Crow Crew: Test Pilot); or simply by showing support as a fan; the Crow Crew is an invaluable part of our growing family.


T. Glenn Bane

Founder and CEO



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Allow us provide a few tools and downloads to help you to create an epic game and awesome gaming experience. We do this out of an intense love of gaming.

Arthurian Namer


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