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  1. Worlds of Pulp: Ron Fortier's Cape Noire RPG
    • 1930s Supernatural and Vigilante Pulp RPG
    • B3 Rules system
    • Based on the incredible Brother Bones Series by Ron Fortier
  2. Worlds of Pulp: Wild West Horse Opera
    • Tame the Wild West as one of numerous adventuring archetypes
    • B3 Rules system
    • Whether you are into classic cinematic western, pulp western, or modern wester horror, this game will keep you on the edge of your seats.

Best Selling Products

Rotwang City: The City of Shadows Role Playing Game


Become a two-fisted, double barrelled vigilante in this one-of-a-kind city. The right path is not always clear, the villains are much darker here and the heroes are tarnished. You'll have to keep your guard up to stay ahead of a bullet, a sledge hammer, or a drive-by. Explore a city that is alive with portent and consequences; a city that has personality all it's own. Its always dark in Rotwang City...and usually raining.

Davey Beauchamp's Amazing Pulp Adventures Role Playing Game


Set at the dawn of the Golden Age of Comics with a backdrop of World War II in the explosive onset of an age of reason. This book details Sapphire City—The City of tomorrow, To-Day! It is a city where miraculous science and imagination work to lift civilization out of the shadow of war and onward to an era once thought unachievable. Not everyone shares this dream and the heroes will have to fight hard against fear, war, criminal designs, and weird sciences to prevent the most powerful villains from destroying man’s great endeavor!


Actual Factual: Dracula


One-of-a-Kind reference book for authors, game designers, vampire enthusiasts, publishers, researchers, and historians. This book details well over 900 species of actual vampire myths, collected worldwide. The information is disciminated and displayed in a concise and clear format. No information not based on actual mythology is included.

Worlds of Pulp: Random Events Table For Super Heroes


How many times does the local bank get robbed in your super hero game--Too many? Are you starting to run a little thin on responses to what characters see while on patrol?

8 pages of tables and event hooks offer thousands of possibilities for your game. Add your personal touch and the possibilities become endless. Our tables are designed to give quick and exciting possibilities to any super hero campaign while preserving an appropriate comic book feel.

Worlds of Pulp: Generic Random Event Tables for Pulp-Noir


Our tables are designed to give quick and exciting possibilities to any pulp-super hero campaign while preserving an appropriate comic book, pulp-noir feel.



  • All you need 2d6
  • Terms are kept generic with an appropriate pulp novel feel
  • Includes 36 story plot twist/theme builder categories that created even broader possibilities by changing the slant by which a story is told. What if you are part of a manhunt and the fugitive on the run, turns out to be the hero's best friend, or better yet the heroes are the subject of mistaken identity and they are on the run?
  • Optional rules for using these tables to create an original three-act adventure, complete with unique flavor and inside player knowledge (callled Alley Apples

Worlds of Pulp: Generic Content Tables for Pulp Barbarian


Then the Cataclysm rocked the world. Atlantis and Lemuria sank, and the Pictish Islands were heaved up to form the mountain peaks of a new continent. Sections of the Thurian Continent vanished under the waves, or sinking, formed great inland lakes and seas. Volcanoes broke forth and terrific earthquakes shook down the shining cities of the empires.

Whole nations were blotted out.

~Robert E. Howard, Excerpt from The Hyborean Age


Are you a fan of barbarian fiction, in the vein of Kull and Conan? Are you wanting to bring this feel to your campaign? Maybe you are an old hand at these style games and simply desire a method of generating new ideas or a tool to speed everything along.

Worlds of Pulp: Generic Event Tablkes for Hungry Jungle


Create Jungle Opera plots packed slam-full of adventure!

Curious if there is more to jungles than rivers, tigers, and cobras. You bet there is, our generators open up a world of lost tribes, temples of gold, dinosaurs, villages, ancient idols to unknown deities. Add to the tables a cartography table and expedition plot ideas and you have a world of possibilities.